Visitors are very welcome at St Peter’s Catholic Church Cirencester
Here is some helpful information if you are new to the parish or are just visiting…
Confessions are usually on: Saturday 5:00 – 5:30pm or by alternative arrangement with the Priest 
Large print
A Large print version of the weekly bulletin is available at the back of the church.
The church does not have its own car park. There are usually a few spaces available in St Peter’s Road but more are available in Ashcroft road which adjoins St Peter’s road. St Peter’s church is also an easy walk from the Brewery Car Park in the centre of Cirencester. 
Receiving Holy Communion
The Most Holy Eucharist is the centre of our Catholic Liturgy. For the holy communion, especially on weekends two extra ordinary ministers of the Eucharist assist the Priest during communion. Any Catholic communicant in the state of grace is most welcome to receive. For any reasons of faith and morals one is unable to receive communion (s)he is welcome to receive a blessing, indicating by the crossing of the arms.
Tea & Coffee are served after the Sunday 11:00 Mass in the parish hall which is next door to the church. 
The bulletin gives the Entrance Antiphon (used when a hymn is not sung), the response to the verses of the Responsorial Psalm, the Gospel Acclamation, and the Antiphon at Communion, together with the sources of the First and Second Readings and of the Gospel. When needed for Holydays of Obligation, these will be provided separately. The Gloria and Creed are to be found on the last page of Hymns Old and New.
Disabled Facilities
Parking for those with disabilities is given priority around the church property.
Disabled toilet facilities can be found in the church hall entrance.