Cessation of Masses and other Services at St Peter’s Cirencester

I am sure that you have been keeping up to date with all that is going on at present in our world today. Just to clarify that ‘The Bishops Conference of England and Wales’ have suspended public Sunday Mass, Weekday Mass and other services for the foreseeable future. Father Philip has said that he will continue to say Mass privately, when he will remember parishioners of both parishes. We too can remember each other in daily prayer when each of our personal prayers will unite with each other to make a powerful prayer in faith. As we pray for each other at this time, let us remember in prayer Fr Philip, Bishop Declan and all the clergy of the Diocese; Pope Francis and all Christians in the United Kingdom and throughout the world.
Today Fr Philip was feeling slightly better and celebrated Mass in St Peter’s Church for the last time until the health of ourselves and others improve which looks like at least three months at present (we all know that things can change). There was about ten of us including Father; at the end of Mass he offered up benediction for the Cotswold District which includes ourselves at St Michael’s as well as St Peter’s.
If anybody needs support and help, please contact me by email (I hope to check them daily).
There will be a daily mass recorded on the Diocesan website; please check for further details if you wish.
We have received notification from Churches together in England who have asked us to all join together by lighting a candle and putting it on a window sill to unite with each other and those of other faiths too.

Remembering each of us in prayer, stay well and stay safe
God Bless

Elaine Wright
Parish Administrator
20th March 2020